A downloadable quibble for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play with your little quibble pet. Feed him before he gets mad, play with him when he gets sad or take him outside in the sun. If he falls, put a band-aid on him. 

This game requires mouse. Headphones recommended.


Source: https://github.com/josefnpat/vpj


Quibble_linux64_v8-[dae1482].zip 17 MB
Quibble_macosx_v8-[dae1482].zip 11 MB
Quibble_win32_v8-[dae1482].zip 9 MB
Quibble_win64_v8-[dae1482].zip 10 MB


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haven't even played it yet and i already love this precious bean -v- I NEED TEN OF WHATEVER QUIBBLE IS

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Everything but the gameplay itself looks great. Cute but, its just nothing of gameplay or in the funfactor. You just fill happiness, hunger, and dont hurt him. What's next? Nothing. It just changed backgrounds and the bar, its more of a shell.

Quibble is very cute though!