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You have awoken on the abandoned station, Solitude 8140, far off in a desolate corner of the universe.

You have no idea who you are or what you're doing here, but you know that something isn't right.

Bring Solitude 8140 back online by repairing all the rooms.

Rooms are color coded:

  • Red rooms are damaged and do not hold air.
  • Teal rooms are rooms that do not have working air systems.
  • Yellow rooms are rooms that are filling up with air.
  • White rooms are in good condition.

Rooms can have things in them that need to be repaired:

  • Power Generators - Supplies 4 MW to the station.
  • Medibay - Requires 1MW, Heals player.
  • Resupply Locker - Requires 1MW, Resupplies player.
  • Shield Generator - Requires 1MW, repairs rooms with expanding radius.
  • Air generator - Requires 1MW, supplies air to rooms with exapdning radius, so long as the rooms are undamaged.

You have on your person:

  • Your legs (WASD KEYS for movement, LEFT SHIFT to run).
  • Your repair gun (MOUSE to aim, LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to repair).
  • Your free hand (E KEY to use things).


  • Always have an escape plan; no one can hear you when you're suffocating in space.
  • Try to repair a resupply locker before you run out of ammo in your repair gun.
  • Only repair and activate generators when you're sure you need them. Everything seems to be in limited supply.

This game was made by @josefnpat for the September 2015 OneGameAMonth challenge.

3D Models were made by Arjan Oudendijk

Music & SFX were made by Ran Schonewille.

This game was made with the experimental Unity 5.1.0f3 Linux release.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this hardcore game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

SalvageSolitude8140v0.6 - Windows.zip 149 MB
SalvageSolitude8140v0.6 - Linux.tar.gz 136 MB
SalvageSolitude8140v0.6 - OSX.zip 134 MB


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It's a simple game with a fairly satisfying play loop. There's no story, despite the game page hinting at a mystery. You just go through a broken station, with a number of floors that varies depending on what difficulty level you choose, and fix the rooms.

The instructions are vague about a few things, such as how to repair the rooms themselves. You're just supposed to use the repair gun while in the room, and no repair percentage will appear unless there's a device in the room and you're facing it. The win condition is also just to repair all rooms, so supplying them with air is unnecessary to win. These are things you learn after a round or two, but for a while I thought you couldn't fix rooms without devices in them! You also have to find a weirdly specific point on devices to fix them but that's not too much of a problem, just makes fixing a bit finicky.

It hasn't got a lot of content, but it's a good time waster! It's the sort of game that's good to play while listening to a podcast, challenging enough to be fun but simple enough that you can focus on something else too.

Thank you for the kind words! I made this years ago, but it's always nice to see someone having a nice afternoon with the game! <3

This is neat! The gameplay is pretty simple - and I feel as though the difficulty becomes trivial once you've got a medbay and a supply locker on any floor with air - but simply running around the station gradually repairing more and more of it is very satisfying all the same.

One really minor quibble: I notice that the resupply sound plays while you're standing near a locker, but your repair gun doesn't replenish unless you're also looking at it.

Yeah, I feel like most of the game is the learning curve, in retrospect. I suspect that folks that are not interested in a grind will play the easier generated levels and move on. I will note that the hardest mode disables the map - but then it becomes a test of memory.

Regardless, I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the comment!

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Played a few rounds and I like it. It has a mix of strategy, since you have to decide which devices to fix and when, and action, when you have to run through several airless rooms to reach a white one before you suffocate. Every room of electricity generators was a lifesaver. There's a bit of an annoying bug where some sounds would play at inappropiate times (the Medibay healing sound playing when I'm in front of an air generator, for example), but I overall enjoyed the experience. It's very promising.

PS: i'm blue, da ba dee da ba die...

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!

Got any videos of the gameplay?


A fellow made a video about the game a few years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWVA6nZ_jIg

He didn't like the game game at first, so I thought it was a pretty nice video.