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Welcome to the RogueCraft Squadron Developer Log.

So, big shout out to @gamedev_michael for convincing me to start a devlog for RogueCraft Squadron. So if somehow this causes the rapture, let's all be sure to throw him under the bus. I can't promise this will be as timely as his, but I think it's actually a really clean format!

RogueCraft Squadron (or RCS) is a game where Real Time Strategy meets Roguelike. For more information, check out our website,

Originally, RCS was a gamejam game for the love jam in February of 2017. We got third place, and thought we could continue and do better. Now, over a year later, we're at version 450 and we've demoed at tons of local events here in Austin Texas, and have gotten tons and tons of feedback. There was a lull, as I got a job at Certain Affinity, but RCS was always in the back of my mind. Now, with South By Southwest Gaming coming up, we want to really clean up the game and show off RCS.

Originally the game was made by myself, bytedesigning, some friends from the netherlands and my roommate. We have since then moved on, and while my good friends and my roomate are no longer a part of development, bytedesigning and I have been pressing forward with the game. Since then we have been looking for a new musician for our soundtrack, and have brought on our good friend snowschu to help us with marketing.

As I mentioned earlier, we are planning on presenting at South By Southwest Gaming. We're waiting for the IGDA to get back to us about when we'll be presenting, but we're pressing on with the sprint anyway.

So recently the big things that have changed in game include:

* Updating the version info. It shows on the main screen instead of on the options.
* Adding a new window style for all the UI elements, including the menus, map, tooltips, research tree, minimap, help and unit selection.
* Cleaning up the research state by adding clarification, mouse movement on the screen edge and movement with the WASD keys.
* Lots of small bugfixes.

In an effort to make sure we can pivot, and not promise a billion crazy things, I won't tell you exactly what we're doing, but if you're really nosey, you can check out our issue log, if you can find it.

Right now, we're focusing on this sprint for South By Southwest Gaming. After that, we're seriously thinking of doing some major pivots, so we can focus on what is really fun about the game.

Until then, thanks for listening! This is Seppi, signing off.

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Version 450[git:c79b207] Mar 04, 2018 145 MB
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Version 450[git:c79b207] Mar 04, 2018

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