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You wake up from cryostasis to find yourself adrift on the other side of the galaxy. Things have changed, and now you have to fight to get back home. Death is not the end in this RogueLike / Real Time Strategy experience.

Build Your Armada

The only way you’re going to get back home is through superior firepower. Build as much as you can because your enemy has no interest in letting you live.

Hoard Your Resources

You will need material to feed your warmachine. Mine asteroids for ore, refine that ore into material and collect scrap.

Defeat the Enemy

Use a variety of ships and tactics to destroy them without hesitation. Show no mercy. Your enemies surely won’t.

Survive Insurmountable Odds

Your enemies get harder and harder every system you jump to. There are doubts that you will make it.

Research Ships And Upgrades

Learn from the failures of your predecessors. Spend research points to unlock new ships and upgrades.

Death Is Not The End

We can’t enumerate the different ways you can die. We’re not here to help you out. Maybe we want you to lose. Every game will provide a new way to play, and it will get you closer to your goals.

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  • A roguelike experience with permadeath to keep you on edge
  • Full tech tree including tons of ship unlocks and research upgrades
  • Full real time strategy gameplay with massive battles
  • Incredible face melting symphonic music
  • Visual novel style storytelling
  • An interactive tutorial to help you along
  • Fun voice acting brings the game to life
  • Dynamically generated levels


“If there's one thing I absolutely love more than anything, it's traditional strategy games that allow you to gather resources and build things up. Sprinkle in the roguelike aspect of warping to different locations, with a tech tree to unlock when you die, it's a compelling game idea.”
~Liam Dawe (Gaming On Linux)

“A roguelike and an RTS had a baby set in space, yes please”
~Anonymous (Feedback)

“The music is excellent!”
~Ethios Gaming

“The Starcraft vibe is strong here. Obviously that's a good thing.”

"definitely looks a lot more polished now btw"

“Well, I know you are hyping the game up, but it's not epic.”
~Ashley Hooper (RogueCraft Squadron Artist)

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Authorsjosefnpat, softsound, snowschu
Made withLÖVE
TagsReal time strategy, Roguelike, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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roguecraft-squadron-win32.zip 102 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]
roguecraft-squadron-win64.zip 102 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]
roguecraft-squadron-macosx.zip 104 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]
roguecraft-squadron-linux64.zip 110 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]
roguecraft-squadron-love.zip 100 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]

Download demo

roguecraft-squadron-win32_demo.zip 102 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]
roguecraft-squadron-win64_demo.zip 102 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]
roguecraft-squadron-macosx_demo.zip 104 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]
roguecraft-squadron-linux64_demo.zip 110 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]
roguecraft-squadron-love_demo.zip 100 MB
Version 843[git:ba67a05]

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