Dev Log #4

Happy All Saint's Day! We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween last night.

October has been a big month for us. We've been working on adding Research, building up a whole new Campaign mode, started getting character art, and refining the UI/UX. Had a great time at North Austin Game night playtesting our Research and newly updated tutorial.

Very intense playing going on right there.

Unfortunately with indie game development, we've had some small set backs. Between working our day jobs, bug fixing, demoing, and getting sick, we've gotten a bit behind schedule. We had a soft date set for October 31st that would have included an updated free demo and a purchasable Early Access copy.

We're still working on RogueCraft Squadron, but we just need a bit more time to hit our milestone. We're looking at a mid-November Early Access release on, with STEAM coming up near the end of the month. (Steam applications take some time to process). 

First look at Ruby Patton, our protagonist. Character Art  by @NoyemiK 

Thank you for your interest, feedback, and support. Much appreciation. <3
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 MSS Team Halloween Photo

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